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Tullis Bridge Walk

Choose from a 16km or 3km walk around the historic Tullis Bridge, built in 1912


The townsite of Boddington links via a walking trail to Tullis Bridge along the Rail Reserve and is approximately a 16km return trip along the river, through open paddocks and fields and timber reserves. Out at Tullis Bridge, a separate 3km walk trail has been created that takes you around the bridge and surrounding river.  Walkers will enjoy bird watching, wildflowers in season and stunning scenery.  Lots of natural shady areas are available for the day tripper to stay and enjoy lunch or a snack while taking in the natural environment of Tullis Bridge. 

Tullis Bridge is located approximately 9 km’s out of Boddington. The bridge was built in 1912 in the trestle style and was used to link the railway line from Pinjarra to Narrogin for use by the timber industry up until 1968. Tullis Bridge now remains as two separate structures at either side of the riverbank as it was set alight in the early 1990s by some campers in the area. The drive out to Tullis Bridge along Morts Road offers some magnificent vistas, taking you past the back of the BHP Boddington Bauxite Mine, Marradong Reserve, olive groves and orchards.

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The Hotham Williams Economic Development Alliance acknowledges the traditional custodians of the Marradong Country region. We wish to respect their continuing culture and recognise the strength, resilience and capacity of Noongar people in this area

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